How do I pick cherries?

It’s easy once you know how. We will demonstrate for you before you begin picking, so that the trees are not damaged. The reason we need to show you is that there are spurs on the branches that need to be protected for next year’s fruit production. It is important to pick the fruit with its stem by holding the top of the stem and twisting it gently off the branch.



What do I wear?

Practical clothing that is suitable to the weather. Long pants or jeans, hat and closed toe shoes suitable for walking in. A belt is also handy if you want to hook your bucket to your belt and pick “hands free”.



What do I bring?

Drink bottle, hat, sunscreen and esky to put your cherries in.



What do I do when I arrive?

When you arrive and park your car in the designated area, walk to our Pick Your Own sales area. Here we will take your entry fees, provide you with a bucket and picking information. We will then explain where you are to go and you can then either walk or we will drive you to the correct trees.


A guide will be there to show you how to pick the cherries and where to go. When you have finished we can then transport you back to the packing sheds where you can have your fruit weighed and packaged.



How can we be sure cherries are available?

It is always better to check first. You can ring our number 83902271 and get an updated message, or simply check this website or facebook page.



Do you accept cards?

Yes. We do have EFTPOS facilities available.